Lebanese Foreign Minister has said in a statement that there are three Lebanese who were lightly wounded in Turkey night club attack. It said they were the daughter of legislator Estephan El Douaihy and two men.

An Israeli woman has been identified as one of the 39 victims of the shooting attack in an Istanbul nightclub.

Terror once again roamed at the streets of Istanbul when there is another terrorist attack on an Istanbul nightclub that left at least 39 dead and nearly 70 wounded. The unknown assailant wearing a Santa clause hat opened fire at the crowded nightclub during New Year's celebrations, killing at least 39 people and wounding dozens.

CCTV footage shows that the assailant in a nightclub shooting in Istanbul wore a Santa Claus hat for part of the attack, which unfolded despite increased security measures. Reina owner Mehmet Kocarslan, interviewed by the private Dogan news agency, said police had boosted security measures in the upscale neighborhood of Ortakoy and its vicinity.The measures included tents at key locations with a 24-hour police presence and complementary efforts by the coast guard at sea."Despite all these precautions by police forces, unfortunately this painful event took place. We don't know what to say," he added. "We are at the point where all words end."