Facebook Messenger adds new exciting features to video calls

Facebook Messenger adds new exciting features to video calls

California, USA (Web Desk): Facebook has added several new features including a ton of new filters, masks and video reactions to video chatting in its Messenger app.

The social media giant said that the aim of adding animated reactions to enhance fun experience to younger users on the app and shore up the service against competing video chat apps.

The update is centered all around fun, visual filters.

Video reactions will allow users to choose one of the Facebook reaction emojis and bring up custom video filters that share your joy, anger, sadness or more. The live filters allow you to react to conversations in a more visual way.

The users will also be able to use stylistic filters during video calls that will give a different color hue or lighting type to the video footage. The users will be able to preview these filters live before sharing the style with your group.

Animated effects like falling hearts and shooting stars that react to your movements will also be included in the update.

Messenger will also add another feature to take screenshots of video chat conversations with a dedicated button that will save images.