ICC Champions Trophy: Commemorative stamp issued in team’s honour

ICC Champions Trophy: Commemorative stamp issued in team’s honour

Islamabad (Web Desk): Post Office has decided to issue a stamp in honor of Pakistan ‘ICC Champions Trophy Victory’, starting from Thursday.

The stamp will be available on all Post offices in Pakistan. Also, a post stamp of Rs 8 denomination is issued today on the 125th anniversary of Government Islamia College Lahore.

Pakistan post is introducing many services to compete with the private sector in Pakistan including Labaiq Service which is in the testing phase in Lahore. Via this service Pakistan post would provide solutions to the needs of the people. The posts would be picked up from the doorstep of individuals in Lahore Postal Area. From there the post would be delivered to its destination in quick time. Pakistan post is also offering 1700 bikes to the delivery workers and management staff in order to aid its employees.

In ICC Champions Trophy Pakistan beat India by 180 runs and made history. It was a proud moment for the whole nation and it was the beginning of cricket revival in Pakistan.

After that victory World XI visited Pakistan and Sri Lankan team also played the final T-20 match against Pakistan in Lahore after eight years. Post Office taking a step to honor cricket in Pakistan and celebrate Pakistan’s victory is commendable.