Solidarity important weapon in fight against coronavirus: UN chief

Solidarity important weapon in fight against coronavirus: UN chief
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New York: (Web Desk): United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for global solidarity and cooperation in fight against the novel coronavirus.

In his video message released on Wednesday, the UN chief told the members countries that the novel coronavirus pandemic has killed over 1 million people worldwide, which is a huge number and in these circumstances it has become impossible to hold celebrations of joy and condolence.

"Coronavirus epidemic has affected people around the world. Millions of people have to lost their jobs due to it, moreover, coronavirus damaged the world economy, affected education facilities, and people's social lives," he said.

"We can control the spread of the coronavirus, but first we have to learn from our mistakes and address our shortcomings, so we need the best and responsible leadership for this purpose," he added. We also need to stop the spread of false and misleading information to curb the pandemic.

"We must all play our due role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and saving human lives. We must follow precautionary measures and enforce social distancing laws, wear masks and wash our hands frequently," he further said.

The UN chief asserted that global solidarity is vital to defeat the pandemic and protect our lives and future.