Fitbit’s new Charge 2 helps to track heartbeat

Fitbit’s new Charge 2 helps to track heartbeat

San Francisco, California (Web Desk): Fitness bands now dominate 85% of the wearables market – they do a great job tracking consumer’s fitness without pretending to be anything more.

Fitbit’s new Charge 2 is an advanced device that offers everything a user could want in an unobtrusive, svelte, band style device. It offers:

1.    PurePulse continuous and interval heart rate tracking

2.    Al day activity tracking and auto sleep tracking

3.    Multi-sport modes

4.    Long battery life (to five days)

5.    Guided breathing session

6.    Call, text and calendar alerts as well as connected GPS (needs a smartphone)

7.    One of the best fitness apps for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and has a desktop web interface

8.    Interchangeable elastomer bands – A$49.95 black, blue, plum or teal and touch AMOLED screen

The Charge 2 has added a slew of genuinely practical features highlighted by heart rate and breathing help. There's an upgraded heart rate zone display (shown at top) that makes it easier to tell whether or not your blood is pumping as quickly as it should.

While Fitbit is still the reigning champ in wearables, it can see both rival fitness tracker makers and smartwatch companies in its rear view mirror. If it doesn't nail the features you're increasingly coming to expect from wrist-worn devices, it's all too easy for you to switch to a rival.