Pakistani Hackers' successful attack on Indian Security Website

Pakistani Hackers' successful attack on Indian Security Website

Lahore (Staff Report): Pakistani hackers claimed responsibility for defacing Indian National Security Guard (NSG) website.

Recently, the news surfaces that Indian NSG website was compromised at the expense of Pakistani hackers in the past few hours.

Remember when Indian jet pilots were forced to hear Dil Dil Pakistan by Pakistani Hacker? That is just one of the many examples how Pakistan-based hackers have been toying with the Indian authorities.

The reports show that, the NSG website of India was inaccessible or in technical terms, ‘it was down’.

However, afterwards it was also reported that the NSG website technicians have recovered and taken back control of it. Following this incident, the authorities also decided to change the name of the server on which the website was being hosted.

The news are prevailing that even if the website has been recovered, it still remains inaccessible.

Furthermore, the following message was posted on the website by the Pakistani hackers, heaping shame on the Indian President and the Line of Control (LoC) incidents that occurred recently.