Famous guitarist Aamir Zaki passes away at 49

Famous guitarist Aamir Zaki passes away at 49

Lahore (Staff Report): Aamir Zaki, the finest guitarist of Pakistan has passed away due to heart failure on Friday

He was born in Saudi Arabia in 1968 and started playing the guitar at age 14. The renowned musician Alamgir first discovered him when he was 16.

Zaki was known to make his own guitars through his career. Zaki toured extensively with Alamgir, playing a self-built 'Flying V' guitar. Zaki also toured with Vital Signs, before being asked to leave the band. He then launched into a solo career.

Aamir Zaki's debut album, Signature, was released in 1994 and it became a hit. He was awarded a Soundcraft Gold Disc for the album, which carried the mega-hit 'Mera Pyaar'.

He will be remembered as one of the finest jazz, blues and rock'n'roll guitar players to have come out of Pakistan.

He died at the age of 49 and his funeral will be held on Saturday, June 3, 2017.