Islamabad: Chief Census Commissioner Asif Bajwa while addressing a press conference at the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), has announced that all necessary arrangements have been completed for the national census, which is scheduled to start from March 15, and a special focus will be placed on internally displaced peoples while adding further that census will be carried out nationwide, taking all sensitive areas into full account.

The treasury has already allotted Rs7.4 billion for the census, he said. Deferred by nine years, the national population census is to begin with a house listing operation in which 200,000 army personnel and 91,000 civilian enumerators will take part for the exercise, which will cost the exchequer over Rs14 billion.

Furthermore, Bajwa highlighted that missing persons will also be added to the census with the figurehead of their respective households being responsible for providing the necessary data.

Following a ruling from the Lahore High Court on January 9,  the country's transgender community will also be included in the exercise, for the first time in the history of Pakistan.