Kuala Lumpur (Web Desk): Tasek Gelugor, Member of Parliament Datuk Shabudin Yahya, has said that rape victims can have an opportunity to lead a healthy and good life if they marry their rapists .

 Tasek Gelugor told the Dewan Rakyat that a wife who was raped, if she can marry (the rapist) she would not go through such a bleak future.

 He said the girls aged between nine to 12 years old are "physically and spiritually" ready for marriage. They reach puberty at the age of nine or 12 and at that time, the physical state of their body is already akin to those 18 years of age, the lawmaker added.

“At least she has someone who can become her husband. So, this will be a remedy to social problems," he said while debating the Child Sexual Offences Bill.