Dine with rats at ‘The Rat Café’ only for $50

Dine with rats at ‘The Rat Café’ only for $50

San Francisco (Web Desk): The international media reported that a few San Francisco visionaries have launched one of the city's latest eateries “The Rat Café” where guests will dine with freely wandering rodents, only for $50.  


They get needed inspiration to launch The Rat Café form rodent-borne bubonic plague … may seem unappetizing…

According to details, the pop-up cafe, which opened Saturday, offers visitors a chance to munch on a breakfast of pastries, coffee and tea, and enjoy a bit of play time with a small handful of rats.

Hosted inside The San Francisco Dungeon, an immersive tourist attraction that takes visitors on a journey through the city's dark past from Alcatraz to the violence and greed of the Gold Rush, the $50 breakfast was conceived after some employees began pondering the venue's section on a black death plague that struck in the early 20th century.


Several dozen people have shelled out the money to attend one of two breakfast sessions in which they get to interact with approximately six to eight rats and have breakfast. The venue says more breakfasts may be planned at a future date.

Krissi Reeves, a spokeswoman for the Dungeon, said tickets for the July 1 and 8 events sold out in less than an hour.