Look: toddler stuck in locked car drop your jaw

Look: toddler stuck in locked car drop your jaw

Bude, UK (Web Desk): In the picture little ‘Brandon Green’ proved to be no exception during an incident which saw his worried mum, Kirsty, having to enlist the help of the fire service to rescue her 18-month-old son from her car.

From Bude UK Kirsty, 27, had been unloading a Lidl shop into the boot of her car when mischievous Brandon managed to trap himself in the vehicle.

Fortunately, it was not an overly hot or sunny day, so once the fire service had been called, Kirsty felt confident that everything would be OK.

A fire crew attended the supermarket car park in Bude and began using small hand tools to free Brandon.

However, the situation turned fretful when Brandon grabbed a two pence coin and put it in his mouth.

Kirsty added, "That's when I started to panic, because I thought, 'Oh God, what if he chokes on it'".

Following the incident with the coin, the crew decided to act quickly and smashed the rear driver's window and pulled him to safety uninjured.

It looks like Brandon remained unperturbed throughout the rescue operation.

Not only was he entertained by the burly firemen - but it looks like he entertained them too.

"They were amazing, and I think just as much as they were keeping Brandon entertained, he was equally making them laugh," Kirsty added.