Multan (Web Desk): In Shah Jamal, Muzaffargarh a newly-wed woman committed suicide after a fake ‘faith healer’ allegedly raped and tortured her as part of an exorcism.

Shah Jamal police reported, 20-year-old Nusrat Bibi lived in Goram Bagraoun and got married to Akram one month ago. Her mother-in-law Mumtaz Mai believed she was possessed and took her a local faith healer named Qari Iqbal for an exorcism.

According to police, Iqbal told Mai that Nusrat was under the influence of evil spirits and needed a ‘healing treatment’ to drive them out or she would not be able to have a child.

As part of the ‘treatment’, the fake faith healer tortured the young woman with hot knives and rods, leaving severe injuries on her hands, feet and body.

When Nusrat returned home, she consumed poison, said police, adding that she appeared to have also been raped before the torture, but a complete autopsy report has yet to be received.

The family took her to Shah Jamal District Hospital where she died.

Mai told police that she regularly went to the accused faith healer for spiritual advice and that is why she took Nusrat to him as well.

Upon the complaint, police raided Iqbal’s workplace, but he had already escaped.

Further investigation is under way, the police said.

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