Meera’s shocking move leaves fans surprised

Meera’s shocking move leaves fans surprised

Lahore (Web Desk): This time Pakistani actress Meera has left fans surprised after her shocking move as she announced that she’s leaving Pakistan.

The iconic Lollywood star tweeted on Thursday, “It gives me a lot of grief to tell my fans that I’ve decided to permanently move from Pakistan to either Canada or US. I’ve set up my home there and I need your prayers.”

“Yes, it’s true!” she confirmed the news. She said she will disclose the reason behind this decision later though. “I will tell you later. But yes, I am moving to Los Angeles permanently. Between Canada and America, I had an option to pick either. But I decided to move to LA.”

Meera also said that she has the “green cards of both America and Canada”.

She said, “I’m leaving Pakistan, not the world. Of course, I will stay in touch. In fact, I will promote Pakistan Internationally like Priyanka Chopra.”

Finally, Meera shared how her true fans can keep in touch with her, “I am trying to be an expert at using Twitter now.  I will be available on Twitter for all my fans where I will share my sentiments and opinions.”