Lahore (Staff Report): Families and children are visiting recreational places on the third day of Eid-ul-Azha to mark their last holiday more memorable.

People started visiting parks about midday. Many families made cooking arrangements in the parks.

The first two days of the festival were spent in greeting Eid to each other, offering sacrifices, and distributing the meat, but everybody is geared up to spend some quality time outside on the final vacation.

Women cooked delicious food right after breakfast, and moved towards parks, zoo, and other recreational places along with families where children as well as elders are having a great time.

Kids are enjoying different rides in the parks, and playing games with each other. All the public places are crowded with people since morning.

People have already made plans to party till late night, and to organize barbecue. Women in homes are also preparing different dishes on demand of children and family members.