Pakistan, Saudi Arabia joint Naval exercises start

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia joint Naval exercises start

Karachi (Staff Report): The 4th Joint exercises of Pakistan Navy Special Services Group (NSSG) and Saudi Navy Special Operations Forces started on Monday.

The purpose of the exercises is to enhance the skills of operation against terrorism and exchange professional capabilities.

According to a spokesman of Pakistan Navy, these exercises will comprise on Harbor Phase and Sea Phase adding that the joint exercises Afaal Al-Sahil will improve the capabilities of both navies’ Special Operation Forces.

The joint exercises will continue till 16th of this month.

In February 2016, armed forces from 20 countries, including Pakistan, began rehearsing manoeuvres in northeastern Saudi Arabia that the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) described as one of the world’s biggest military exercises.

Troops from Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Sudan as well as Pakistan are among those participating in the ‘Thunder of the North’ exercise, which began on Saturday and involves ground, air and naval forces, SPA reported.