Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (Web Desk): A 78-year-old woman eats two kilos of sand and gravel every day for six decades, considering it a secret to her good health.

According to Indian media, Kusma Vati, from India’s Varanasi, spends hours shoveling sand into her mouth every day, and likes to chew on the walls of her own house.

Kusma said, ‘I have been eating sand and gravel for around 63 years now, I love eating them and I don’t think they have any harmful effects.

Kusma said that she has never seen a doctor down to her daily 2kg of sand .

 ‘I haven’t suffered any problems in my stomach and mouth and my teeth are absolutely fine- if anything it’s made them tougher. I can bite into the hardest stone without a problem.’

Indian media reported that she started eating sand at the age of 15 and it felt like very normal to her.

‘I feel as though the minerals in the sand give me the energy to work in the crop fields.’

Kusma’s grandchildren are now requesting her to give up the weird habit but to no avail.