List of milk brands safe for consumption

List of milk brands safe for consumption

Lahore (Agencies): The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has released the complete list of all companies and their milk products, which are healthy for consumption.

PCSIR conducted the analysis of various brands based on the following categories:

1: UHT milk samples

2: Samples of pasteurized milk

The milk brands which passed the testing were:

UHT/Tetra Brands: Haleeb, Olpers, Nurpur Milk, Nestle Milk Pack, Nestle Nesveta, Day Fresh, Good Milk.

Natural Pasteurised Category: Anhaar Milk, Daily Dairy, Doce Milk, Gourmet Milk, Nutrivo Milk, Achaa Milk, Adams Milk, Malmo Milk, Prema Milk, Pack Fresh.

PFA said these milk brands are safe for consumption.