Lahore (Agencies): The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has released the complete list of all companies and their milk products, which are healthy for consumption .

PCSIR conducted the analysis of various brands based on the following categories:

1: UHT milk samples

2: Samples of pasteurized milk

The milk brands which passed the testing were:

UHT/Tetra Brands : Haleeb, Olpers, Nurpur Milk , Nestle Milk Pack, Nestle Nesveta, Day Fresh, Good Milk .

Natural Pasteurised Category: Anhaar Milk , Daily Dairy, Doce Milk , Gourmet Milk , Nutrivo Milk , Achaa Milk , Adams Milk , Malmo Milk , Prema Milk , Pack Fresh.

PFA said these milk brands are safe for consumption .