Cement sales surges during last 11-month

Cement sales surges during last 11-month

Karachi (Agencies): An unprecedented increase in cement sales witness during the last eleven months of the current fiscal year as it record 42.915 million tonnes while it was over 37.588m tonnes in the same period last year.

Capacity utilisation at 95 per cent which is also the highest-ever in the history of the local cement industry. A capacity utilisation of 93.62pc was achieved in 1992-93.

Domestic consumption in the country’s northern parts stood at 31.811m tonnes, up by 16.76pc over the corresponding period of last fiscal. The cement plants in the South despatched 6.755m tonnes, posting a growth rate of 12.12pc.

Total exports in 11 months increased to 4.348m tonnes, showing a modest growth of 0.69pc as exports surged after devaluation of the rupee in the last few months.

With fifteen days of fasting falling in May, cement consumption was slightly affected as domestic despatches posted growth of 2.40pc; lowest this fiscal. Exports however, grew by a healthy 42pc boosting overall growth to 5.69pc.

In May 2018 the industry despatched 3.919m tonnes against 3.708m tonnes in May 2017. In May 2018 the domestic despatches in the Northern region were 2.812m tonnes against 2.811m tonnes in May 2017 whereas, despatches in the Southern region amounted to 0.669m tonnes in May 2018 against 0.588m tonnes in the same month last year.

Exports from North were 0.224m tonnes last month against 0.219m tonnes in May 2017. Exports from the South stood at 0.215m tonnes in May 2018 against 0.090m tonnes in May last year.