Saudi Arabia replaces army chief on Raheel Sharif’s recommendation

Saudi Arabia replaces army chief on Raheel Sharif’s recommendation

Jeddah (Web Desk): One of the Saudi Arabia’s local newspapers made a stunning revelation about the role of former chief of army staff and head of Islamic Military Alliance General (retd) Raheel Sharif in change of top command of Saudi Arabia’s army.

The newspaper maintained that replacement of Saudi Arabia’s army chief was followed after the Raheel Sharif’s recommendation in order to develop better working relations with the alliance.

Sharif believes that a motivated commander of Saudi Arabia’s ground forces is required who is able to defend the country from the front.

The newspaper also that the Saudi King also wanted to send the former Saudi army head Lieutenant General Eid bin Awad Al-Shalawi on rest due to his previous performance during ongoing Yemen war that damaged the national interests directly, besides causing loss of many lives.

It was also claimed that the Saudi King Shah Salman has been warning the ex-chief for conducting operations against a minority sect and its consequences but no new strategy was chalked out.

General Raheel Sharif recommended the appointment of new head of army keeping in view such failures. Later, the Saudi government decided to appoint Fahad Bin Turkey as the new army chief.

The major step represents the significance given by the Saudi Arabia to the head of Islamic Military Alliance in key matters. It is worth noting that Saudi government had given invitation to Iran to join the military alliance on his suggestion.

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