‘Ludo Star’ is spying on Pakistanis  

‘Ludo Star’ is spying on Pakistanis  

Lahore (Web Desk): Across the globe, many new and exciting Android and iOS games are being developed, grabbing the attention of gamers.

Many Pakistani also have become addicted of these games and gamers have been seen playing some top-played games on Android.

From Candy crush to Pokemon Go. Ludo Star joined the list of most addictive games around the world.

Indian game developers Gameberry Labs developed the app and the game is no less than playing original board game Ludo.

There are news that the game is being blamed for spying on Pakistanis. The news is that India is using this game to get hold of all our information, from contact info to personal details to spy on us.

Now if you download an app like WhatsApp, in setting in the privacy and safety icon of your phone, WhatsApp is allowed to access your camera, microphone, location, contacts etc. The user has the ability to turn it on or off but usually, it is turned on. Now in these privacy settings even if Ludo Star is downloaded on your phone, it is nowhere in the privacy and safety icon accessing your camera, microphone, contacts or location. So how is India spying on us without accessing our private information?

A cyber security expert Rafay Baloch expressed his opinion regarding Ludo Star spying on Pakistanis in a Facebook post: "There has been a lot of conspiracy theories around Ludo Star application, here is my take: A lot of popular applications request such permissions even Facebook, Twitter, True caller that doesn't necessarily mean that they are stealing our data. One should understand that there is nothing free on the internet, everything comes with a price i.e. At cost of our privacy. Is there any sufficient evidence about this app storing, abusing or selling data?. With that being said, i will investigate this application and see if there are any such signs."