India neglects Pakistan’s positive initiatives for peace: ISPR chief

India neglects Pakistan’s positive initiatives for peace: ISPR chief

Rawalpindi (Staff Report/Agencies): Pakistan has taken several positive initiatives for peace with India, however, the initiative was negatively presented in the rival country, said Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor.

Addressing a media briefing on Thursday, Pak Army’s spokesperson raised concerns over the increasing ceasefire violations across the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary by the Indian forces. “At least 55 civilians have been martyred due to cross-border Indian aggression this year — "the highest in history"”, he added.

The DG told the media persons that Kartarpur corridor will be constructed in six months after which 4,000 Sikh pilgrims will be able to visit the darbar sahib daily. He added Kartarpur will be solely a one-way transit passage and Pakistanis will not be able to use the corridor to travel to India.

Pak Army’s media wing chief warned the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM). He said the army was using confidence-building measures with the PTM and not handling them with heavy-handedness because PTM was non-violent, the army did not resort to such measures.

Ghafoor outlined the three demands of the PTM and the steps which had been taken to address them. The first demand of the PTM was over check posts, with the military spokesman informing reporters that Pakistan Army had decreased its check posts in KP-Fata to 331. “When we believe there is no need for even one check post we will remove them.”

The second demand of the PTM was to clear landmines, the process of which DG ISPR said was underway. “Our troops have also suffered casualties due to these mines and unexploded bombs. One day we will clear the area of mines,” he added.

He spoke on the third demand of the PTM which war over missing persons. He said there were 7,000 mission persons cases from 2010-11. “From these 7,000 cases over 4,000 have been settled. 3,000 plus cases are under process with 2,000 cases with the commission.”

The army spokesperson also touched upon the topic of accountability within the armed forces. Stating that the institution was a disciplined force and the army has an entire bench led by a three-star general.

He added despite the measures in place if rules were violated punishment was given. "In 2017-18 almost 400 Pakistan officers have been given punishments which range from a warning to dismissals and even jail."