Armeena Khan received threats, abused on social media

Armeena Khan received threats, abused on social media

Lahore (Web Desk): Renounced actress Armeena Khan stood up for Pakistani female actors and fights against online abuse through an Instagram post on Saturday.

Armeena has performed in recently released movie ‘Yalghaar’, put together a collage of abusive comments in Instagram post, and asked her followers why 'Pakistani female actresses are subjected to this poison?' in order to better understand the 'Pakistani mentality'.

She was unable to understand why people would want to be abusive towards entertainers and noticed from the pool of negative comments she received, that "a lot of these are by females. Why is that? Why is it that Pakistani females wish to attack Pakistani actresses in such a vicious manner."


In a response to criticism Armina said, "I won't allow you to question my religion, my morals OR my freedom to choose."

Pakistani followers supported her post for taking stand and thanked her for fighting against this online threats and harassment.