Now ‘WhatsApp’ no longer free app

Now ‘WhatsApp’ no longer free app

Lahore (Web Desk): WhatsApp is set to introduce a new feature to verify accounts of businesses and make it simpler for users to differentiate between regular accounts and business accounts.

According to details, business accounts of WhatsApp, would require a green verified badge with a white tick that would make those accounts stand out while normal accounts won’t have that badge.

In order to assist business communication more efficientive with customers, WhatsApp is trying to move ahead with this feature and is testing ways to make money so that.

First, the business version of WhatsApp will be free to use, after that WhatsApp is looking to charge businesses in exchange for offering certain tools to them.

This time the company has to work on what it would charge businesses for and wants to conduct pilot testing. So for the first time, WhatsApp will no more be called a completely free app.

In a blog post, Facebook company said:

“We have heard stories of shopkeepers who use WhatsApp to stay in touch with hundreds of customers from a single smartphone, and from people who are unsure about whether or not a business on WhatsApp is authentic. In the near future, we will be testing new features that aim to solve some of these challenges, and make it easier for people to communicate with the legal businesses they want to reach on WhatsApp.”

By using upcoming features, the companies would be able to make their verified accounts by providing their full profile, providing their info, location, and description. This would help people to know and to communicate with authentic companies