Syria opposition appreciates US strike, calls for more action

Syria opposition appreciates US strike, calls for more action

Beirut (Online): Syria´s opposition National Coalition appreciated the US attack on a regime military base on Friday, urging for further American action against President Bashar al-Assad´s military capabilities.

Spokesman Ahmad Ramadan told media, "The Coalition welcomes the strike and urges Washington to neutralise Assad´s ability to carry out air raids. We hope for more strikes... and that these are just the beginning."

He further stated that the airport targeted by the American strike, was the source of bombardments that killed thousands.

Ramadan alleged the base was used to equip missiles with chemical weapons as well as for building traditional munitions.

The spokesman said, "The airport was home to a centre for building barrel bombs and to equip missiles with chemical substances."

Syria´s regime has faced repeated international criticism for its use of barrel bombs, crude explosives often packed with scraps of metal that are notorious for the indiscriminate casualties they cause.

The US strike follows international outrage this week over a suspected chemical attack that killed dozens of civilians including many children in the rebel-held northwestern Syrian town of Khan Sheikhun.