Islamabad (Web Desk): Police reported, two men were killed on Monday by their in-laws in the capital for honour .

According to details, in Islamabad over the past six days, this takes to four the number of murders have been reported, the police yet to nab the suspects.

Two out of the four men killed over the past week, were supposedly gunned down in suspected ‘honour killings’ when their in-laws did not approve of their ‘love marriages’.

In Kohat, four arrested on charges of ‘honour killing’.

Both ‘honour killings’ took place while two men were shot dead by their brothers-in-law since they did not approve of the victims’ marriage to their sisters.

According to police, the body of 21-year-old Syed Roz was found on Sunday evening in Bhara Kahu with a gunshot wound to the back of his head.

Police was informed by Roz’s wife later that her brothers and uncles had allegedly killed her husband as they did not approve of their ‘love marriage’.

After initial investigations police officials reported that the two had married in Lahore around two years ago and had fled to Karachi fearing a backlash from the girl’s family. They later moved to Islamabad .

A police officer said, “They had married without the consent of the girl’s family and had been living in hiding all along”.

The widow identified the suspects as Nasir Khan, Ikram, Ayub, Dawai Khan, Toor Khan. However, none of them had been arrested so far.

Meanwhile, police have sent the victim’s widow to a safe home since she fears that the suspects may kill her as well.