Swabi (Staff Report): A major terrorist plan to hit educational institutions and judicial complexes has been foiled in an action of the security forces in Swabi on Tuesday.

According to a statement by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), at least five were killed in an intelligence-based operation in Swabi and Malikabad on Tuesday.

According to the ISPR, three terrorists have so far been identified; Majid alias Khalid who was resident of Menai Tehsil Topi District Swabi , TTP Swabi Chapter; Yousuf alias Chota Khalid, resident of Malakabad Tehsil Topi District Swabi and Jawad resident of Malakabad.

The ISPR said the killed terrorists were planning to target educational institutions and judicial complexes.

The two terrorists could not be identified so far; they are probably Afghan nationals, the ISPR added.