Reincarnation of Neo News “Pakistanio ke Awaz”

Reincarnation of Neo News “Pakistanio ke Awaz”

Lahore: All the viewers of Neo News are felicitated with a good news that now they can see news updates and their favorite programs as these were scheduled before ban.

After seven days suspension the transmission of ‘Neo News HD’ now again on-air.

PEMRA had imposed ban ‘Neo News HD’ for seven days but this ban has enhance the moral of journalists.

The transmission started with great enthusiasm. All employees seemed more passionate to work than before. They started their work with more zeal and zest. Even now they are eager to promote truth with all facts and figures to help poor Kashmisies and condemn Indian violation of human rights.

Chairman Nai Baat Media Network Prof. Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman, Group editor Daily ‘Nai Baat’ Prof. Ata-ur-Rehman and Executive director News and Current affairs of Neo News Nasrullah Malik thanked the journalist organisations, students, politicians, lawyers, traders and civil society for standing with them in the difficult time. He vowed to provide information with a better content and highlighting Kashmir issue and exhibiting Indian brutality.