Karachi (Web Desk): A new study has warned female to use locally manufactured cosmetic products as they contain heavy metals .

According a research conducted by the Institute of Environmental Studies of Karachi University (IES, KU) says, samples of locally manufactured cosmetics collected from various parts of the city have been found contaminated with heavy metals .

Under the study, supervised by senior KU teacher Dr Moazzam Ali Khan, samples of hair colour, eye-shadow, lipstick and kohl (five samples each) were collected at Sunday bazaars held in various localities with few branded cosmetics. They were analysed to check the presence of lead, nickel, chromium, iron, zinc and copper.

Sharing its findings, Dr Aamir Alamgir, an assistant professor at the IES, KU, said: “Though a preliminary study, the research findings carry a strong message for the masses to limit the use of cosmetics, if they can’t give it up completely. Repeated exposure to these heavy metals increases vulnerability to a range of diseases, including cancer. Pregnant women are especially at risk.”