Brazil (Web Desk): A cheerful bride in a helicopter heading to her wedding reception tragically died in helicopter crash moments before wedding in Brazil.  

A video has emerged showing a very heart wrenching incident of the dead of a cheerful bride in a helicopter crash that was heading to her wedding reception, but little did she know her life would end so tragically on the biggest day.

According to details, Rosemere do Nascimento Silva was aboard a helicopter to make her entry to the wedding hall ‘different and impressive’.

However, the private jet which also carried brother of the bride , the pilot and a photographer, crashed, killing all of them. 

The 32-year-old’s fiancé, Udirley Damasceno, was left waiting at the wedding venue unaware of the surprise helicopter arrival or the fatal air crash.

Watch footage of the moment the helicopter went down has now been shared online by the news channel G1 Oficial as part of the investigation into the crash.