Scientists claim Dolphins’ language could be translated by 2020

Scientists claim Dolphins’ language could be translated by 2020

Stockholm, Sweden (Staff Report): A Swedish language technology company, that has mastered 40 human languages with its language analysis software, claimed that the language of dolphins could be translated by 2020.

Swedish startup Gavagai AB originated at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. Now, researchers from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology are teaming up with Gavagai AB to take on the language of dolphins, in a project undoubtedly focused as much on testing and expanding the system’s capabilities as deciphering the thoughts of dolphins.

The team will monitor bottlenose dolphins in a wildlife park and use Gavagai’s artificial intelligence (AI) language analysis technology to decode the sounds and, if all goes according to plan, compile a dictionary of dolphin language.

The team is confident that they’ll be able to do this, thanks not only to the AI capabilities of the Gavagai AB system, but also to the availability of more dolphin data, larger computational resources, and newer recording methods.

This can include monitoring and comparing various concepts as well as providing instant, visual insights into a range of possible emotional responses.