Watch: Sky glass pool for adventure lovers

Watch: Sky glass pool for adventure lovers

Houston, United States (Web Desk): You have definitely dreamed of flying in the air without any gadget but you might never dream of swimming in the air while looking down through the pool.

If yes, then the Market Square Tower in downtown Houston has a swimming pool just for you

The swimming pool is actually a glass pool which is built 40 stories up.

The "sky pool," the 777 Preston apartment's swimming pool extends 10 feet beyond the side of building, 500 feet above Preston Street.

The video on social media website shows cars the size of candy bars zipping around city streets as someone casually strolls around on the 8-inch-thick plexiglass, high above sidewalks.

Those who are not brave enough to try out the glass pool must not be sad as there's another pool on the fourth-floor terrace for them.

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