Tianjin, China (Web Desk): News about Samsung Note 7 battery catching fire have hardly faded from memory when the fire erupted in Samsung SDI factory in china which was making batteries for Note 7.  

According to details, Samsung SDI Co., a supplier of batteries to explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphones reported, a “minor fire” broke out at a plant in northern China but was quickly put out.

The fire occurred at a waste depository, not a production facility, Shin said.

Pictures that were circulated on social media, showed plumes of black smoke rising into the air from what users described as a plant operated by the affiliate of Samsung Electronics Co. in Tianjin.

The fire didn’t affect production, spokesman Shin Yong-doo said on Wednesday.

Samsung SDI was one of two battery suppliers for the Note 7 smartphones, which was eventually killed off after a global recall. Samsung Electronics this month completed a probe into the device and cited flaws in battery manufacturing and design for the fiasco.

SDI said this month is has invested about 150 billion won ($129 million) in safety and that its batteries will probably be used in Samsung Electronics’ next smartphone model.