RINSTRA, WALEE join hands to create new jobs

RINSTRA, WALEE join hands to create new jobs

Islamabad (PR): RINSTRA and WALEE join hands to create entrepreneurship monetization opportunities for the youth by generating a $150 million creative economy in the next 5 years through ‘Jobs of Tomorrow.’

RINSTRA, Pakistan’s first short-form digital media platform signed a partnership with WALEE, Pakistan’s first AI-driven, largest and fastest influencer marketing and social commerce platform, to engage and train 400,000 new content creators and generate a creative economy of PKR 4.8 billion.

The partnership will provide entrepreneurship opportunities, training and content-generation competitions to upskill creators across Pakistan’s digital media ecosystem.

Chairman and Co-founder of RINSTRA Technologies Dr. Adil Akhtar said, “We are excited to partner with Walee on this new innovative endeavor which will set a new precedence for the creative economy in the country.” “We are confident this partnership will encourage Pakistani artists to express their creativity and digital storytelling, and create new dimensions of entrepreneurship that do not exist in Pakistan,” he added.

Ahsan Tahir, Founder and CEO of Walee and Techlets said, “COVID lockdowns drove record high digital content consumption with Pakistan’s overall internet traffic increasing by twenty five percent.