PM Khan launches ‘Hunermand Jawan’ programme

PM Khan launches ‘Hunermand Jawan’ programme

Islamabad (Agencies): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday launched Pakistan’s skill development programme called ‘Hunermand Jawan’.

Addressing the youth PM Imran said that youth are Pakistan’s asset and this programme is the first step to make them reach their full potential.

“I need you all to understand that there is no such thing as happily ever after as such things only exist in fairy tales,” the PM said and added that ups and downs are part of real-life and smart people make sure that they learn from their difficult time and use the experience to propel themselves towards success later.

In the first phase of the programme, approximately 170,000 youth will be given professional skill-based training, of which 50,000 will be trained in areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing and other advanced areas of technology.

The programme will span out over the course of four years and will cost Rs30 billion which will facilitate youth through easy loans, professional capacity-building, start-ups and internships.

About 50,000 youth will be trained at Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority in orthodox areas which include auto-mechanics and plumbing whereas 20,000 youth will be given apprenticeship.

Under the programme, five ‘Centres of Excellence’ will be established in collaboration with our allied countries, whereas around 75 smart classrooms will be made to ensure easy access to skill and professional education besides provision of such training at 70 madaris.