Bigg Boss season 11: Zubair Khan's eviction puts Salman Khan in Trouble

Bigg Boss season 11: Zubair Khan's eviction puts Salman Khan in Trouble

New Delhi (Web Desk): Indian controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 11, is back with its all spark even within first week of its launch, witnessing high voltage drama. 

First week's expelled contestant, Zubair Khan, who was hospitalized for consuming pills after host Salman Khan blasted him for using abusive language against women of the house, is fine now and has been discharged from the hospital. Post coming out of the hospital, Zubair registered a police complaint against Salman Khan at Antop Hill police station.

The ‘Times of Indian’ reported that Zubair lodged a complaint against Salman for threatening him on national television and using his contacts to not let him work in the entertainment industry. He also mentioned Salman's derogatory comment of making him a dog once he is out of the house.

Recently, Priyank Sharma was ousted from the house for physical violence. The reality series saw host Salman Khan in a foul mood in Saturday's 'Weekend Ka Vaar' episode where he blasted contestant Zubair Khan for abusing other housemates, especially ladies of the house.

While talking to a few TV journalists after filing the complaint, Zubair challenged Salman to meet him in Bandra. He also apparently accused Salman of having underworld connections and that he created Being Human to change his image after his hit and run case.

This is not the first time that a contestant has spoken against Salman Khan. For the uninitiated, contestants from previous shows like Sapna Bhavnani, Swami Om have also passed remarks about Salman after coming out of the house.

With so much already happening in the first few days of Bigg Boss' launch, we can definitely expect some fireworks in the coming weeks!