Benefits of adopting ‘Cat’

Benefits of adopting ‘Cat’

Lahore (Web Desk): Cats are one of the adorable and gorgeous creatures around the globe. It’s because they are a great addition to your family and looking at them adds happiness, health and years to your life.

They make wonderful companions; they are super entertaining and lovable! This little fluffy ball is a priceless gift for all humanity.

Here are a few reasons why every home NEEDS a cat.

Reduce risk of heart attack:

According to health experts, if you have a little fluffy ball ‘Cats’ walking around your home, just looking at them will lower your stress level and their love protects your heart.

A study from the University of Minnesota found that those without cats were between 30 and 40 percent more likely to die of cardiovascular (heart related) disease than cat owners while the study also said that dog owners didn’t reap the same benefits as cat owners.

Owning a cat can also reduce the chance of sudden death due to heart attack.

Release stress:

Having a cat can help reduce the stress in your life. Their purring alone has great healing powers! Being able to care for an animal, or having a cat snuggle with you, can help you feel better, and reduce your level of stress.

Lower cholesterol:

A Canadian study showed that owning a cat was actually more effective at lowering cholesterol than the medications designed to do that same thing. Indeed, you could save money on medicines and improve your health, possibly, by becoming a cat owner.

Reduce anxiety:

Not only can owning a cat help reduce the stress that you feel, it can also reduce your anxiety. Petting a cat is calming, as are other aspects of caring for cats. When you are concerned with caring for another creature, it can help you take your mind off your worries. Additionally, the presence of a cat that will snuggle with you can help you calm yourself as your enjoy the unconditional love of a cat.

Improve your mood:

In many cases, interacting with a pet can help improve your mood. This includes cats. Owning a cat can help you feel better in general, boosting your mood. If you are looking to see mood improvement, a cat can help with that.

Reduced loneliness:

Many who have feelings of loneliness can find relief with a pet. Cat companionship can help those who are lonely feel a connection with another life. Just having a cat to come home to and spend time with can help those who are single, or widowed.