Tokyo (Web Desk): If you are an introvert and don’t want to make eye contact with others while dining in a restaurant now there is a solution to your problem.

To enjoying your meals, a Japanese eatery by the name of Ichiran Ramen is the ideal place. You can enjoy meals while sitting in a private booth. In the restaurant, the orders can be placed on paper cards whereas the meals are presented through hatches

The eating spots encourages its consumers to pay more attention on the quality of food and gives privacy to people who don’t like others staring at them as they are eating their food.

The founder of Ichiran Ramen Manabu Yoshitomi got the idea of such a restaurant after he noticed that many female students did not prefer to eat ramen in front of others. He has opened 60 restaurants in Japan and Hong Kong along with a branch in New York.

Before diner you must buy a ticket and reserve a seat at a private wooden dining booth, with each booth separated by panels.

To serve your meal a pair of hands open a shutter for you to collect the card and to place a bowl of food in front of you.

If you would like to have a second serving of food, then the bowl has to be placed on a section of your table in front of you.

The hands of the server will reappear and the process will be repeated.

The dividers can be removed for the diners who want privacy with their companions during meals.