Imran slams federal govt for 'irresponsible statements' of 'attacking Afghanistan'

Imran slams federal govt for 'irresponsible statements' of 'attacking Afghanistan'

Lahore (Web Desk): Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on  Tuesday slammed the coalition government for issuing 'irresponsible statements' against against the Taliban-led Afghan administration and stressed on engaging with the neighbouring country through negotiations.

Addressing at a PTI seminar on resurgence terrorism via video link from his Zaman Park residence in Lahore, the former premier said that ministers were issued provocative statements of attacking Afghanistan.

Khan warned of uncontrollable wave of terrorism in the country if the Taliban-led Afghan government stops cooperation with Pakistan.

The PTI chief went on to say that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was a “golden opportunity” for Pakistan because, for the first time, there was a pro-Pakistan government at the helm of Afghanistan.

He added that the Taliban government was pro-Pakistan because Islamabad had facilitated talks between the Afghan Taliban and the US, as well as the Taliban and the “pro-India Ghani government”.

 The PTI chief said that during this “golden opportunity”, Islamabad could negotiate with the Taliban government and reach a “settlement” regarding the return of TTP members to Pakistan.

The former premier stated that his government had “regular meetings” about this matter.

Imran also questioned why recent incidents at the Pak-Afghan border were not taken up with the Afghan government, reiterating that another war against terrorism would become a curse for the country if relations with Afghanistan deteriorated.

He said that Foreign Minister Bilawal's first foreign trip should have been to the war-torn neighbouring country.

Khan said that the federal government would need to tread carefully and seek KP’s input on the overall terror situation. He said that Pakistan should not seek help from the United States (US) as it would lead to internal discord among locals if drone attacks were carried out.

Talking about internal situation, he said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwas (KP) police could not fight against TTP as the banned group’s militants are equipped with American weapons.

He also complained that the federal government was not issuing funds to the KP government as it needs to be spend more money in tribal districts.

It is pertinent to mention that Islamabad has repeatedly raised concerns over Kabul's harbouring of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants and not implementing its promise of ensuring that its soil is not used for terrorism.

TTP has ended the ceasefire with Pakistan and increased terror activities across the country, leaving several people dead and scores injured, despite the government's "zero-tolerance" policy.