Britain’s ambassador to Washington resigns after leaked memo spat

Britain’s ambassador to Washington resigns after leaked memo spat

London (Agencies): British ambassador to Washington on Wednesday resigned after Donald Trump labeled him “stupid” and “wacky” following the release of confidential memos from the envoy in which he branded the US president’s administration inept.

Memos from Kim Darroch were leaked to a British Sunday newspaper, infuriating Trump who launched a stinging Twitter attack on both the envoy and British Prime Minister Theresa May who had given him her full support. “Since the leak of official documents from this Embassy, there has been a great deal of speculation surrounding my position and the duration of my remaining term as ambassador,” Darroch wrote in his resignation letter.

“I want to put an end to that speculation,” he added.

“The current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like,” May told parliament after the resignation was announced that she had spoken to Darroch, who was due to leave his post anyway at the end of the year.

Prime Minister Theresa May said she regretted that Britain’s ambassador to the United States had felt the need to resign, adding that officials needed to be able to give “full and frank advice”.