NAB Chairman should present proof in 24 hours or resign: Nawaz Sharif

NAB Chairman should present proof in 24 hours or resign: Nawaz Sharif

Islamabad (Staff Report): Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday demanded resignation of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman.

Nawaz Sharif hold a special press conference at the Punjab House today over the NAB’s controversial new probe against him and asked NAB chairman to present within 24 hours proof of money laundering against him or resign from office.

Criticising other politicians against whom corruption proceedings have been ongoing for years and they are yet to appear in court, Nawaz said he has made almost 70 appearances before the court in the trial against him. 

The former premier continued, "JIT could not prove corruption allegations against me."

Nawaz demanded further, "If NAB fail to present evidence, they should publicly apologise to the nation and resign."

He criticised NAB for holding an inquiry against him and others for allegedly laundering $4.9 billion to India. 

The emergency presser comes days after World Bank disproved media reports claiming its Remittances and Migration Report included the mention of money laundering or named individuals.

The former premier said, “It has been proven now how the head of an institution [NAB] made my media trial a mission."

He continued, "The severity of the allegations cannot be ignored."

While referring to the media report on which the NAB took notice and launced a probe. Nawaz Sharif stated that NAB has "lost all its credibility" following "baseless allegations" against him.

He said, "How did this column surface again after four months."

He inquired, Did the NAB chairman ask World Bank or State Bank about these allegations? Why the NAB chairman felt the urgency to issue a press statement late night on "a nameless press column".

Nawaz said, "NAB took action despite the fact that World Bank had also refuted these claims two years ago."

He also put allegations for hatching conspiracies against him, this is shameless pre-poll rigging.

Nawaz said, "Panama Papers did not even mention my name. But all that unfolded afterward is in front of everyone."

He added, "For the past nine months, a show has been put up and countless witnesses have been made to appear before the court."

Nawaz alleged, "People from my party [PML-N] are being told they should leave and join PTI [Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf] or contest elections as independent candidates and if they do not, then NAB will open cases against them."

"There is a nexus," he claimed once again referring to 'aliens'.

Claiming that he is being targeted, Nawaz said, "90 per cent of NAB's current cases revolve around us."

He upheld, "If there was any credible evidence against me then a judgment would have been made in 10 days and the case would not have been going on for nine months."

Nawaz added, "They want to keep running cases against me till they fabricate and manufacture something to sentence me under."

Nawaz further said he will not go to anyone seeking an apology or commutation of sentence. "I will not plead for mercy if sentenced," he asserted.

Responding to a question regarding 'aliens', Nawaz said, "They are not visible."

"Aliens have been present for the last 70 years and will now confront those present on the ground," he added.

The former premier said, "People on ground will defeat aliens."

Speaking about the alliance between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Peoples Party, Nawaz said, "The nexus goes back to Tahirul Qadri's All Parties Conference," referring to the Canada-based Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief.

He said, "Ask Imran if he voted in favour of the arrow [PPP's electoral symbol] or not."