Gujrat (Staff Report): Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif claimed on Friday that no one would have remained jobless if he had not been disqualified by honourable judges of the Supreme Court.

“Everyone would have become employed if I had stayed,” said Nawaz Sharif while addressing the participants of his so called ‘homecoming’ rally in Gujrat.

Talking about his disqualification, he maintanied that it had happened for the third time, adding that no father takes the salary from his son.

The former premier expressed that even the judges who heard the Panama case admitted that he (Nawaz Sharif) was not involved in corruption.

Nawaz Sharif said that millions of people elected him as PM and a few people disqualified him.

‘This joke has been repeated for the past 70 years’ he noted.

Nawaz Sharif asked for peoples’ support, warning them that the country would struggle if such ousters reoccur.

Earlier, Nawaz’s ‘homecoming’ rally reached Gujrat on its third day after it set off from Punjab House, Islamabad for Lahore via GT Road.

Meanwhile, a 14-years-old boy was crushed to death after being run over by one of the vehicles in former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s rally near Lala Musa.

According to reports, the deceased Hamid was a resident of Rehmat Abad town of Lala Musa who was run over by a vehicle of Elite force, part of PML-N’s motorcade heading towards Lahore.

Unfortunately, none of the rescue vehicles, part of the convoy stopped to give treatment to the boy, in a bid to save his life.

Daughter of former premier Nawaz Sharif , Maryam Nawaz, took to Twitter and expressed that the local leadership has been asked to reach out to the family of the boy.

The incident sparked anger among the residents of Rehmat Abad town who chanted slogans against former premier Nawaz Sharif .