Faisalabad (Staff Report): A police operation was conducted on Friday and at least 209 kite flyers were detained .

CPO Faisalabad reported, in crackdown operations against kite flyers across various areas of Faisalabad , the police arrested 209 kite flyers and also detained parents of the absconded kite flyers
According to details, many incidents caused by kite strings afterwards crackdown operation against kite flyers was implemented.

Despite a ban on kite-flying in Punjab and frequent crackdown operations by the police, some people still continue making and flying kites, while disobeying the law.
Earlier this month, in almost weekly crackdown operations against kite flyers in Lahore, about 100 kite flyers were arrested from Cantt Division, 11 from Cantt, 12 from Civil Lines, 4 from Saddar, 18 from Iqbal Town and 4 from Model Town. Police also seized around 4000 kites, rolls and strings.