Côte d’Azur, South France (Web Desk): Uber became the cause of divorce between spouses.

A man ‘sues Uber for £38million’ claiming malfunction allowed wife to track his adulterous behavior.

According to French media, the man from Côte d’Azur in the south of France, claims the Uber app dispatched notifications revealing his pick up points, destinations and times to his wife’s phone,.

According to reports, cheating hubbie had borrowed his wife's phone to log in to his Uber account.

The person is purportedly suing Uber for €45m (£38.3m) after an app allegedly allowed the man’s wife to track him meeting with his mistress.

A very recent update to app allows taxi giant to collect passenger data up to five minutes after a journey has finished but the notification continues even though he logged out, the man claimed. 

The notifications of Uber the wife is then alleged to have received, sparking suspicion that he was having an affair and ultimately helping to doom their marriage.

French media suggests there is a problem with iPhones running iOS versions older than December 2015.

Further it is claimed, Philanderous Android users, or iPhone users running up-to-date software appear to be safe.

A local comment from the French media, Uber has become increasingly popular to use in France. It is unclear how many Uber’s 40 million monthly active customers might be affected.

He added: “Uber doesn’t publicly comment on individual cases, and especially those which concern things such as a divorce procedure.”