Karachi: The ever glittering Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) has been a center stage for a few years and have gaining attention, attraction and momentum ever then but the recent heart breaking news are the spring/summer contingent of Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) has just cut down from a three-day event to a two-day show.

The decision may have had its reasons for making this change, such readjustments don’t reflect very well on the Fashion Pakistan Council (FPC).

Pakistani fashion may still subject us to far too many fashion weeks a year but the events have certainly gotten more streamlined. There have been conscious – though not often successful – efforts to start and end the events on time and councils endeavour to stick to the calendar that they announce several months before their seasonal events. FPC didn’t manage to do so this time around.

Merely a few days ago, updates were mailed out by FPW’s digital team, urging print and electronic media to ‘mark calendars’ for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of February for the ‘biggest Fashion Pakistan Week yet’.