Islamabad: Seems like the former President Gen ( R ) Pervaiz Musharraf plans to return to Pakistan as his lawyers request for a foolproof security in case he returns to Pakistan. Apparently, during the hearing of judges’ detention case, lawyer of the former president General Pervaiz Musharraf expressed that the ex-president wants to come back to Pakistan and face the legal cases against him.

"However, Pervaiz Musharraf also has some security concerns regard to his return," revealed Musharraf’s lawyer.

The layer of the former president also professed that foolproof security should be ensured through court’s orders upon Pervaiz Musharraf’s return to Pakistan.

The court accepted the plea and ordered Interior Ministry and IG Islamabad to ensure former president General Pervaiz Musharraf s security upon his return.

The next hearing of the case will be held on Feb 9.