Beware of this beverage if you drink in Iftari

Beware of this beverage if you drink in Iftari

Lahore (Web Desk): The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) raided and sealed a factory using expired ingredients to manufacture popular soft drinks on Tuesday.

PFA Director Operations Rafia Haider said, "Shandy Cola's production unit was sealed following the raid."

PFA has seized hundred thousand filled bottles and raw material for four-hundred thousand bottles from the factory, located on Lahore's Sheikhupura road.

The PFA said further, the soft-drink manufacturer was using chemicals as sweeteners. 

"The factory was imprinting a bogus address on the bottles to trick authorities," Haider said, explaining that their teams first visited the site on the printed address and grew suspicious when they found nothing there.

The samples of the cold drinks have miserably failed all quality tests, he added.