Moscow, Russia (Web Desk): Most of the people charge their mobile phones via computer whether at workplace or at home. Be aware of the consequences because it may allow hackers to hack your systems.

According to a Russian anti-virus company 'Casper Saki Lab', whenever users attach their mobile phone to the computer, both systems exchange data including device and company names, device type, serial number, firmware info, operating and file system, and electronic chip ID. Mobile device gave this essential information to the computer. Apparently this seems to be incomplete information but the computer security company reported that this information is sufficient for hackers to hack the system. The company also stated that when users allow their mobiles to transfer media files, the chances of hacking increase.

The computer security company has advised users to charge their mobile through socket or by attaching to personally owned computer.

Keep your mobile secure by locking it with password or pin, whereas, anti-virus app in mobile can also keep your mobile safe and secure.