Shocking news for Saba Qamar’a fans

Shocking news for Saba Qamar’a fans

Lahore (Web Desk): With the passage of time credibility of Lux Style Awards (LSAs) is decreasing every year either in terms of quality or script.

Pakistan’s very own diva-turned-incredible-Bollywood-starlet Saba Qamar, who is talking about our most celebrated award show but she is not speaking in its favour.

Saba Qamar told media in a telephonic conversation, “Although I am nominated for three different plays, I will not be attending the LSAs as a protest”.

She added, “They never bothered to honour me during the past 12 years and now that I have the Bollywood stamp, everyone is acknowledging me all of a sudden.”

Recently, Qamar has been seen into the limelight when the trailer of her Bollywood debut Hindi Medium got released last week. In the trailer, she delivers a noteworthy performance, holding her own opposite a seasoned actor like Irrfan Khan. In fact, in some parts, Qamar manages to outdo him in terms of performance.

She stated, “I have been working in the Pakistani entertainment industry since 2004 and no brand or award show has ever approached me in all this time. Now that I have come back from India, every brand and every award show is running after me. It’s almost as if they just noticed my presence”.