Food poisoning case: Parents pardon restaurant owners

Food poisoning case: Parents pardon restaurant owners

Karachi (Staff Report): The parents of two children ─ who had died last year after consuming food from a restaurant in Karachi’s Clifton area ─ informed the court that they had pardoned the restaurant owners, seeking an end to the court case.

A Sindh High Court bench on Monday resumed hearing the bail application of the two suspects arrested in the case.

The parents of the deceased children appeared in court today and said they had forgiven those responsible and didn't wish to take any further action.

The lawyer for the restaurant also apprised the court of a compromise being reached between both parties.

Two minor brothers, one-and-a-half-year-old Ahmed and four-year-old Muhammad, died of ‘food poisoning’ and their mother, Ayesha, was hospitalised after dining at Arizona Grill in November 2018.

The next day, the restaurant was sealed by the Sindh Food Authority (SFA) while around 60 samples were sent for forensic analysis to determine the cause of the children’s deaths.

A lab report concluded that the children had died of poisoning. It explained that there was a high quantity of E.coli bacteria found in the expired meat recovered from the restaurant.