Warning: “Whatsapp” may be leaking your personal data

Warning: “Whatsapp” may be leaking your personal data

Lahore (Web Desk): These days, ‘WhatsApp’ is at the forefront of messaging apps. It does boast over a billion users after all.

WhatsApp has been fixing all the problems faced by users. This gave the users some impression of privacy and security.

However, certain scenarios can’t be ruled out. What if  WhatsApp itself leaks valuable personal information, despite the encryption measures in place?

Yes, according to the recent details, WhatsApp itself leaks valuable personal information.  

When you’re typing, WhatsApp will send queries through your IP address directly to the website.

For instance, you’re typing in YouTube.com. WhatsApp will send a request directly through your IP address (the request is traceable) to the website in question (YouTube in this case).

Despite being end-to-end encrypted, WhatsApp will leak your IP address into the wild.

Therefore, if someone malicious seems to be watching your activity, they can directly trace your IP through WhatsApp’s query.